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Kindergarten Readiness Tests
    Specifically designed for professionals and parents concerned with the question, “Is this child ready to begin school?”, all of our Kindergarten Readiness Tests provide information to help determine if a child is developmentally or maturationally ready to begin kindergarten in any given school year.
Slosson Educational Publications is searching for teachers and professionals all across the country to field test our new products.

For testing 10 or more students, field testers will receive name recognition in the manual and a complimentary test kit when published. 
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We carry a variety of additional products not listed in our catalog.  These products include Standardized Tests (assessments), Books (resource and reference texts), Remedial Materials and more.
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  Slosson is offering free downloads of teacher forms for detailing Observational Analysis of students’ affective side including but not limited to: Scale of Divergent/Convergent Thinking, Pre and Post Testing Questionnaires, Visual Scanning for Physical Observations, Chronic Health Checklist, Psychological and Medical Profile, Behavioral Profile, Profile of Behavioral Correlations (To Optimal Independent Functioning). Please feel free to download any of these forms to add them to your students’ portfolios. It is our wish to give teachers a 360 degree perspective of performance attributes that may affect your students learning potential. Click HERE to learn more!
Observational Analysis - Free!