Adolescent Anger Rating Scale- (AARS)
DeAnna McKinnie Burney, PhD
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Evaluates the intensity and frequency of anger expression in adolescents
Respondents indicate which behaviors they exhibit when angered and how often each behavior typically occurs.
Scores are reported for Total Anger and for three subscales measuring aspects of the adolescent’s typical anger response pattern: Instrumental Anger, Reactive Anger, and Anger Control.
Validated with students in two age groups: middle school (Grades 6-8) and high school (Grades 9-12). Five ethnic groups were represented in the normative sample of 4,187 adolescent boys and girls in middle schools and high schools.
Conversions of raw scores to percentiles and T scores are provided by gender and age group.
Statistical analyses support the use of the AARS in both clinical and research applications. It is useful for measuring behavior change and selecting an appropriate intervention program.​Purpose:Assesses adolescents' response to anger
Format:Paper and pencil
Age range:11 years to 19 years
Time:5-10 minutes for individuals;10-20 minutes for groups
Qualification level: