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Technical Information:
Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT)
Original Edition
Richard L. Slosson
Expanded Norms Tables by:
John A. Jensen / Robert J Armstrong

Ages:  2+ years
IQ Range: 10 - 164
Administration:  Individual; 10 - 20 minutes

   The SIT has been a standard in intelligence screening for over 30 years. In addition to being one of the few measures assessing the infant, toddler, and preschool years (two and above), it can also be used with Severely/Profound Mentally Challenged populations because its IQ scales range from 10 to 164. The SIT is to be administered verbally and can be used by psychologists, guidance counselors, special educators, learning disabilities instructors, remedial reading teachers, and others who often need to evaluate an individual’s mental ability.
  Expanded Norms Tables with extrapolated table entries close the correspondence between the SIT and the Stanford Binet (L-M) to four hundredths (.04) of an IQ point. This was made possible because of the remarkably high correlation (r=.979) between mental ages for the two tests. Now the expanded norms tables have a lower range of 10; therefore it is no longer necessary to use the ratio IQ formula when testing severely profound individuals. Alternate scoring systems, such as Percentiles, Stanines and Normal Curve Equivalents (NCE’s) and T-scores also correspond to the SIT deviation IQ’s.
  Subsequent testing has been performed on over 4,350 subjects. These subjects range in age from very young nursery school children to older adults. Subjects have been tested in all parts of the country (at least 40% of the U.S.), as well as from all socio-economic strata. Gifted, normal, retarded and mentally ill patients have been included in these studies. Research confirms that the SIT is a valid, reliable, individual IQ test, nine correlational studies falling within the .90’s range, and the test does not produce results that are significantly administrator or subject biased.
Categories Tested in the SIT:
General Information
Digit Span
Similarities and Differences
Auditory Memory of Sentences
SIT Complete Kit includes:
  • Manual
  • Expanded Norms Tables
  • Technical Manual
  • Score Sheets (50)
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