Jordan Dyslexa Assessment/Reading Program (JDARP)
Dale R. Jordan

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The Jordan Dyslexia Assessment/Reading Program–Second Edition brings together current knowledge from the “decade of the brain” about how the brain learns and remembers. This program begins by identifying layers of overlapping problems that interfere with learning to read. The Jordan Dyslexia Assessment/Reading Program reviews the critical role that emotions and feelings play in learning or failing to learn. New information about how permanent memory develops and why certain individuals fail to remember also is included.

Before they start teaching reading skills, instructors discover how each student learns, or fails to learn, by using 11 screening tests that identify specific reasons why individuals struggle with reading skills:
  • Jordan Test For Visual Dyslexia
  • Jordan Auditory Dyslexia Test
  • Jordan Test For Dysgraphia
  • Jordan Test For Dyscalculia
  • Jordan Test For Reading Vision
  • Jordan Oral Screening Test Of Phonics
  • Jordan Learning Style Scale
  • Jordan Attention Deficit Scale
  • Jordan Rate Of Learning Scale
  • Jordan Asperger’s Syndrome Scale (Nonverbal LD)
  • Jordan Scale For Seld (Social-Emotional LD)

With this information, both students and instructors understand why previous encounters with literacy skills were ineffective. Understanding why learning has been difficult replaces old dread and fear of learning with hope. Knowing how to learn to read makes it possible to approach reading safely without fear of failure.

The Jordan Dyslexia Assessment/Reading Program guides students step by step through carefully structured lessons that integrate four learning modalities: sight, speech, hearing, touch. Each of the 75 lessons includes structured review of previous skills, introduction of a new literacy skill, and folllow-up practice to build permanent memory of that skill. In each lesson, the student is taught word analysis through seeing the word, saying it, hearing it, and writing or typing it. This procedure allows dyslexic individuals to compensate for problems that normally block reading and spelling skills.

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