Intelligence / Executive Functioning
Slosson Intelligence Test - Revised 3rd Ed.
Combo Kit with Profile Analysis
Includes the SIT-R3 Complete Kit along with the Profile Analysis (PA).  The PA will compare ability with achievement, yielding Expected Achievement Levels.
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Slosson Intelligence Test - Original Ed.
with Expanded Norms Tables
The SIT has been a standard in intelligence screening for over 30 years.  Subsequent testing has been performed on over 4,350 subjects ranging from children to adults.
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Slosson Intelligence Test - Primary
The SIT-P is a brief standardized screening test of children's intelligence.  It is not just a lower extension of
the SIT/SIT-R3, but includes Verbal and Performance items to give a balanced measure of a child's cognitive ability.
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Slosson Full-Range Intelligence Test
The S-FRIT is a reliable test that gives a balanced measure of Verbal/Performance/Memory cognitive assessments.
It differentially screens Non-verbal from Verbal abilities even when language skills are limited.
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Reading / Math / School Screening
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Intelligence / Executive Functioning
Kindergarten / Early Education
Visual / Perceptual / Motor
Occupational Therapy / Development
Special Ed. / Special Needs / Dyslexia
Speech / Language
Slosson Intelligence Test - Revised 3rd Ed.
The SIT-R3 provides a quick, reliable index of intellectual ability in children and adults, including the visually impaired or blind.  It has been constructed so that the administration and scoring of the test occur simultaneously
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Slosson Intelligence Test - Revised 4th Ed.
The SIT-4 can profile an individual's mental ability using a quick, reliable screening measure of cognition for children and adults. New norms allow the TSS, percentile rank and range, to be tabulated within one user friendly table. Also includes new color coded score sheets.
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