Slo​sson Visual-Motor Performance Test
For Children and Adults
The S-VMPT is designed as a screening test to identify individuals with serious perceptual organizational
problems involving eye-hand coordination.
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Visual / Perceptual / Motor
Slo​sson Visual Perceptual Skill Screener
The SVPSS is a well-standardized, norm-referenced assessment of a child's ability to perceive visual information.  Each subtest is an important component of visual-perception, visual processing and pre-reading skills.
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Comprehensive Test of Visual Functioning
The CTVF was designed to be a brief and meaningful assessment device to accurately detect and
discriminate visual processing problems.
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Developmental Test of Visual-Motor
Integration - 6th Edition
The Beery VMI-6 identifies individuals who may be encountering difficulties in visual-motor integration, and makes appropriate referrals for needed services.
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Wide Range Assessment of
Visual Motor Abilities
The WRAVMA provides quick and accurate evaluations of children and adolescents while assessing visual-motor integration, visual-spatial skills, and fine motor skills.
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Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test -
Second Edition
The BG-II reliably assesses visual-motor integration
and screens for neuropsychological impairment in
persons from 4 years to more than 85 years of age.
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Reading / Math / School Screening
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Intelligence / Executive Functioning
Kindergarten / Early Education
Visual / Perceptual / Motor
Occupational Therapy / Development
Special Ed. / Special Needs / Dyslexia
Speech / Language
Test of Visual-Perceptual Skills - 4th Ed.
Visual perception is an important ability that enables one to make sense out of what is seen. The TVPS-4 remains an easy to use assessment to determine the visual perceptual strengths and weaknesses of students.
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