Educational Assessment of School Youth
for Occupational Therapy
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​Quickly evaluate students, write in-depth reports, and take charge of your occupational therapy caseload.The EASY-OT focuses on fine-motor, gross-motor, visual perceptual, visual-motor and self-help skills.
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Slosson Oral Reading Test - Revised 3
A Brief Measure of Reading Ability
Kindergarten Readiness Tests
"Is This Child Ready to Begin School?"
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Slosson Intelligence Test - 4th Edition
Slo​sson Visual-Motor Performance Test
For Children and Adults
With the ability to target word recognition levels for children and adults, the SORT-R3 can be used for regular education populations and for many special testing populations.
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The ABC is a symptom checklist for assessing and  classifying problem behaviors of children and adults
with intellectual disabilities.
Aberrant Behavior Checklist - 2nd Edition
Residential & Community Combined
All of our Kindergarten Readiness Tests provide
information to help determine if a child is ready to
begin kindergarten in any given school year.
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Now every professional can profile an individual’s mental ability using this quick, reliable screening measure of cognition. New features include: Administration and Scoring Measured Simultaneously, Color Coded Sheet, Standard Deviation SD = 15, and Large Color Stimulus Items.
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The S-VMPT is designed as a screening test to identify individuals with serious perceptual organizational problems involving eye-hand coordination.
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