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Slosson Oral Reading Test - Revised 3
A Brief Measure of Reading Ability
Diagnostic Screening Test: Math
Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading
Diagnostic Screening Test: Language
Diagnostic Screening Test: Achievement
With the ability to target word recognition levels for children and adults, the SORT-R3 can be used for regular education populations and for many special testing populations.
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Designed to assist teachers, psychologists and counselors, the DSTR is a quick, valid method for estimating practical data about a student’s reading skills.
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​The DSTM taps a separate math concept with items divided into two testing sections in order to facilitate the diagnostic process, with a Test Form A and Test Form B available for both testing sections
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The DSTS is designed in a flexible, easy to administer and score format, versatile enough to meet the individual needs and preferences of most examiners.
Diagnostic Screening Test: Spelling
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The DSTL is designed as a quick method for estimating overall achievement level in written language and more specifically, skill mastery in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure and formal spelling rules
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The DSTA is designed as a quick, valid method for estimating practical data about student’s over all school achievement level in general, and achievement in Science, Social Studies and Literature and the Arts
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Diagnostic Screening Test Battery
Designed to assist teachers, psychologists and counselors in quickly obtaining diagnostic information which can be translated into practical, helpful classroom learning activities appropriate to each student’s individual needs.
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Reading / Math / School Screening
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