New Online Feature!
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What is a DigiMag?
A DigiMag is an online publication that is a digital version of our 2017 Slosson Assessment Print Catalog, but packed with additional content and features for ease of ordering.
Reader Benefits
With a simple and intuitive interface, our DigiMag offers content that an actual printed version cannot provide. The goal was to provide a simple way to browse through our product selection quickly and effortlessly.
High Quality Text & Zoom: Even the smallest type is readable!  With DigiMag, you can have great looking text that can be read at any zoom, which is critical to a pleasant reading experience
Pan & Scroll: Increased user acceptance through familiarity.  Readers with any computer display size can navigate virtual pages the same way you would a real document.
User-Customizable: Bookmarks and Sticky notes allow readers to annotate their own copies, making online reading easy - not painful.
Interactive Table of Contents & Category Tabs:
Navigating to specific Categories is made simple with just a click.  Get to products that matter the most to you quickly and effortlessly.
Advanced Search: With the entire catalog using live text, readers can do a keyword search and be presented with highlighted results for easy reference.
Printing: Print a single page, a range, or the entire catalog.  A PDF download of our catalog is also available.
Our new DigiMag is still under construction. Visit our homepage for
a current look at our offers and catalog.