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Intelligence / Executive Functioning
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Intelligence / Executive Functioning
Kindergarten / Early Education
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​Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function
The newly revised BRIEF2 includes Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report forms and updated norms from all 50 U.S. states. It assess executive function behaviors in the school and home environments. Designed to assess the abilities of a broad range of children and adolescents.
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Child and Adolescent Memory Profile
The ChAMP is based on the latest advancements in memory research. It is an easy-to-use, examiner-administered test of memory for use with children, adolescents, and young adults that allows both in-depth memory evaluation and memory screening.
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​Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales 2nd Ed.
The RIAS-2 retains all the features that made the original instrument so popular and gives practitioners even more reason to trust this instrument. It offers a full IQ battery for less time and less cost than similiar measures.
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Executive Functions Test - Elementary 
The Executive Functions Test–Elementary: Normative Update measures language skills that affect executive functions, such as working memory, problem solving, inferring, predicting outcomes, and shifting tasks. It can be used to identify children who have executive-functioning deficits, plan interventions, and represent executive functioning in research studies.
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Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test Nonverbal
The RAIT-NV is a rapid, reliable, and valid test of nonverbal intelligence. Quickly evaluates nonverbal, or fluid, intelligence. Ideal for administration to individuals with limited language skills.
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​Shipley - 2
Provides a brief yet robust measure of crystallized and fluid cognitive ability, generating a quick estimate of overall cognitive functioning and impairment. Based on a representative sample of 2,826 individuals, presented separately for children and adults, and stratified by age.
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