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Expressive One-Word Picture
Vocabulary Test - 4th Ed.
Assesses English speaking vocabulary and verbal intelligence, allowing you to screen for school readiness
or estimate the English fluency of bilingual individuals.
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Assesses receptive vocabulary; especially useful with
individuals who are bilingual, speech impaired, withdrawn, emotionally troubled, or physically disabled.
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Speech / Language
Receptive One-Word Picture
Vocabulary Test - 4th Ed.
Slosson Auditory Perceptual
Skill Screener
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The SAPSS is a well-standardized, norm-referenced assessment of a child's ability to perceive auditory information using three subtests.
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Test of Language Development - Primary
Fourth Edition
Comprehensive Test of Phonological
Processing - Second Edition
​The TOLD-P4 assesses spoken language in young children from 4.0 - 8.11 years of age.  Nine subtests measure various aspects of oral language.
The TOLD-I4 can be used by professionals to identify children, 8.0 - 17.11 years of age, who are significantly below their peers in oral language proficiency.
Test of Language Development - Intermediate Fourth Edition
The CTOPP-2 is an assessment of reading-related phonological processing skills to help identify 
students who may be at risk for reading problems
Reading / Math / School Screening
Product Categories:
Intelligence / Executive Functioning
Kindergarten / Early Education
Visual / Perceptual / Motor
Occupational Therapy / Development
Special Ed. / Special Needs / Dyslexia
Speech / Language
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The WORD Test 3 - Elementary
The WORD Test 3 Elementary assesses a student's ability to recognize and express semantic attributes critical to vocabulary growth and language competency.
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