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Communication Activity in Daily Living - 3rd Edition
The Communication Activities of Daily Living–Third Edition (CADL-3) is an individually administered assessment of the functional communication skills of adults with neurogenic communication disorders.
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Test of Semantic Reasoning
The Test of Semantic Reasoning (TOSR) is a new, standardized vocabulary assessment for children and adolescents ages 7 through 17.
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Token Test for Children - 2nd Edition
The Token Test for Children–Second Edition (TTFC-2) is a reliable and effective screening measure for assessing receptive language in children ages 3 years 0 months to 12 years 11 months.
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Phonological Awareness Test: Normative Update - 2nd Edition
The PAT 2 is a comprehensive assessment of children's phonological awareness, phoneme-grapheme correspondences, and phonetic decoding skills.
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Arizona Articulation and Phonology Scale - 4th Edition Revised
Provides a quick, reliable, well-standardized measure of articulation and phonology to help clinicians identify individuals in need of speech sound services 
Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory
Essential for professionals who see moderate and severe dementia patients, the FLCI is a standardized instrument for evaluating functional communication
Illinois Test of Psycholingustic Abilities
The ITPA-3 is an effective measure of children's spoken and written language. 
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