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Social Language Development Test Elementary/Adolescent
The SLDT assesses students language-based responses to portrayed, peer-to-peer situations. This test differentiates typically-developing students from those with language learning disorders or autism.
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Reading / Math / School Screening
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Test of Orthographic Competence
The Test of Orthographic Competence (TOC) assesses aspects of the English writing system that are integral to proficient reading and writing. These aspects include letters, spelling, punctuation, abbreviations, and special symbols.
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Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency - 2nd Edition
The TOSCRF-2 is a quick and accurate method of assessing the silent general reading ability of students ranging in age from 7 years to 24. It was normed using a national representative sample of 2,375 individuals, residing in 29 states.
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Test of Word Finding - 3rd Edition
The TWF-3 is a norm-refrenced, single-word, expressive language test expressly designed to assess children's word-finding ability.
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Word Identification and Spelling Test
The WIST meets teachers' need for detailed information that can be used to identify the areas in which students are having difficulty with reading and/or spelling and to develop appropriate instructional interventions.
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Test of Early Reading Ability - 4th Edition
The TERA-4 is a direct measure of the reading ability of young children ages 4.0-8.11 years. The TERA-4 assesses children's mastery of early developing reading skills rather than their readiness for reading. 
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Teaching Reading Sourcebook Updated - 2nd Edition
A best-selling, research-based guide to effective reading instruction, the Teaching Reading Sourcebook - Updated 2nd Edition has always supported educators in bridging the gap between evidence-based reading research and actionable instructional strategies.
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