Sue Larson, PhD / Gary J. Vitali, EdD

Ages:  4 through 6 years
Administration:  Individual; 15 to 20 minutes

  Specifically designed for professionals and parents concerned with the question, “Is this child ready to begin school?”, the Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT) is an assessment tool developed to measure a child’s functioning through various developmental tasks. The KRT consolidates critical areas of developmental tests into one single form, making identification of school readiness more efficient and valid.

  The KRT is intended to be used by early education teachers and other professionals who work with children, to assess levels of maturity and development of typical later- four, five, and six year old children who are preparing to enter kindergarten classes. The primary purpose of the KRT is to provide additional information to help parents, teachers, and educational specialists determine if a child is developmentally or maturationally ready to begin kindergarten in any given school year.

Five General Assessed Skills of the Task Items:

   Using state-of-the-art child development theories and test design, the KRT is sensitive to current state and federal laws regulating school readiness. Each Test Booklet has additional forms to help enhance parent conferences, graphically depict a child’s strength and weaknesses, and has been used to identify possible handicap conditions at an early age. Along with these capabilities, the KRT also facilitates developmental writing objective programs for teachers and parents. Within the Test Booklet, tasks are presented in a sequential developmental-maturational format.
   The KRT includes Scoring Interpretation sheets. One is to send to the parents of the child, and the other is to be kept for the school record. To aid examiners in interpreting readiness levels of children to parents, the KRT includes four ranges of performance.

Four Ranges of Performance:

   While the primary purpose of the KRT is to assess a child’s readiness for school, the KRT can offer the examiner other information about the child’s development, providing a level of understanding that will help the child succeed in kindergarten or be referred to the appropriate diagnostic personnel. 
KRT Complete Kit includes:
  • Examiner's Manual
  • Test Booklets (Set of 25)
  • Performance Grid Sheets (Set of 25)
  • Letter to Parent (Set of 25)
  • Scoring Interpretation Forms (Set of 25)
  • Stimulus Items
1. Understanding, Awareness, and Interactions
    with One’s Environment.
2. Judgement and Reasoning in Problem Solving 
3. Numerical Awareness
4. Visual and Fine-Motor Coordination
5. Auditory Attention Span and Concentration
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Kindergarten Readiness Test (KRT)