Target Group:  Students who have completed Level One

 The PCI Reading Program is a curriculum created specifically to teach students with developmental disabilities, autism, and significant learning disabilities how to read. Levels One and Two teach 280 sight words and “real-world” nouns and verbs through a comprehensive system of repetition, “hands-on” practice, controlled-vocabulary reading, and high-interest activities. Nonreaders become successful readers word by word, reading 42 engaging, full-color books along the way.

  PCI Reading Program Level Two is designed as the next step for students who have completed Level One. It teaches 140 additional sight words and “real-world” nouns and verbs, advancing students from a 1.0 reading level to a 2.0-2.5 reading level. While Level Two’s focus is still on teaching words through visual discrimination, it also introduces students to wrapped text, common inflectional endings, such as -s, -ing, and -ed, and compound words.
  To introduce new print concepts and decoding skills in Level Two, some of the Guided Word Practice Lessons incorporate a Skills Discovery Lesson. These lessons are fully scripted and provided in a separate book in the Level Two box. Seven skills are covered, in the following order: Text Wrapping; End Punctuation Marks; Inflectional Ending Noun-s; Inflectional Ending Verb-s; Inflectional Ending Verb-ing; Inflectional Ending Verb-ed ; Compound Words.

  Once students have been introduced to text wrapping and end punctuation marks, Level Two books and materials begin incorporating paragraphs. Inflectional ending lessons and compound words incorporate decoding, expanding students’ reading skills and preparing them for Level Three of the program.
  • 3 Word Building Lessons Books
  • Trace and Read Workbook (5)
  • Guided Word Practice Books (2)
  • Activity Sheets Binder
  • Review Stories for Level One
  • Skill Discovery Lessons Book
  • 4 Word Windows
  • 40 Word Strips
  • Building Reading Skills Binder
  • 14 Full-Color Books
  • Game Board for “The Word Game”
  • 280 Word Cards
  • 100 Full-Color Picture Cards
  • Card Storage Box
  • “Match on the Mat” Board
  • 140 Text Cards
  • 140 full-color Scene Cards
  • Plastic Card Tray and Plastic Viewer
  • Teacher’s Guide
PCI Reading Program - Level Two
Words Taught in Groups of Ten:
   Level Two uses the same five-step lesson cycle that students became familiar with in Level One, but it teaches the words in groups of ten rather than five. Level Two includes 14 full-color books, one for every ten words learned. Each book features a different character in a typical everyday setting. Books range in length from 12 to 16 pages and move from one paragraph per page to up to three paragraphs per page. 
Skill Discovery Lessons Book:
PCI-RP2 Complete Kit Includes:
PCI Reading Program Levels Chart
Product Research Summary
New Instructional Components:
   A set of 14 reproducible stories is provided to help students review all 140 words they learned in Level One. In addition, Level Two features a new instructional step in the Guided Word Practice lessons called Skill Discovery. The Skill Discovery Lessons Book offers scripted lessons that teach students how to read wrapped text, interpret end punctuation marks, identify and read inflectional endings, and identify and read compound words. Word Strips and specially designed Word Windows are also included to help students practice reading words with inflectional endings and compound words.
Building Reading Skills Binder:
  Like Level One, Level Two includes a Building Reading Skills binder which introduces students to new literacy skills that are critical for reading success. Units include:
Building Print Recognition
Building Letter-Sound Knowledge
Building Fluency
Building the Writing Connection
Building the Home Connection
Word Windows and Word Strips:
  The Word Windows and Word Strips add a new hands-on component to Level Two. Integrated into some of the Guided Word Practice lessons as part of the read-aloud section, the 40 Word Strips provide reading practice with the inflectional endings presented in the program and with compound words. There are four Word Windows: Word Window for-s; Word Window for-ing; Word Window for-ed; Word Window for Compound Words.