A brief and very effective 50 item inventory, the DBRS identifies common behavior problems such as attention deficit disorder, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, oppositional disorders, and anti-social conduct problems.  Unlike other rating scales, the wording of the teacher and parent versions are nearly identical, allowing legitimate comparisons between their responses.  Scale items were specifically written to allow direct teacher transfer to behavior-modification plans, IEPs or 504 plans.

    The DBRS facilitates descisions for student placement, especially with regard to least restrictive instructional settings.  Special educators, psychologists, Chapter 1 staff, and professionals/paraprofessionals who are under pressure not to remove students from instructional settings, will avoid student pull-out dilemmas using the DBRS.
Disruptive Behavior Rating Scale
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Bradley T. Erford
Age:  5 through 10 years
Administration:  Individual or Group; 7 minutes

  • Separate norms for teacher, mother, and father responses
  • Facilitates IEP, 504 or behavior-modification plans
  • Excellent reliability and validity studies
  • Identifies common behavior problems such as ADD and ADHD (Distractibility, Impulsive-Hyperactivity, Anti-Social Conduct)
Technical Information:
  Normative data was obtained from teachers of 1,766 children, mothers of 1,399 children, and fathers of 1,252 children for boys and girls 5 - 10 years of age. Internal consistency and test-retes reliabilities are generally in the high .80s tomid .90s.  Normative data converts to raw scores yielding T-scores, percentile ranks, as well as standard error of measurement and critical item determination.
DBRS Complete Kit includes:
  • Parent/Teacher Manual
  • Response Forms: Parent Version (50)
  • Response Forms: Teacher Version (50)
  • ​Scoring/Profile Forms: Mother Version (50)
  • Scoring/Profile Forms: Father Version (50)
  • Scoring/Profile Forms: Teacher Version (50)